Toyota VSC Light

Toyota VSC light

VSC is short for Vehicle Stability Control.  This is a innovative system design by Toyota that has dramatically helped reduce the number of accidents by assisting drivers in controlling lateral skidding.  Since it was introduced in 1995, it has since made it way into many (if not all) Toyota’s on the street today.

The Toyota VSC light comes on when there is a malfunction with this VSC system.  Sometimes this light my be accompanied with an ABS light, Traction Control Light or even a Check Engine Light.  If you have this VSC light illuminate on your Toyota, my recommendation would be to first get your computer scanned for codes.  It is likely that you will be able to pull a code from the PCM that will help you pinpoint the issue.

Here is a great Toyota, Lexus & Scion Engine Performance training video that can help you understand why the VSC light comes on.

How it works

VSC helps prevent wheel slip and loss of traction by reducing engine power and applying brake force to each of the four wheels individually.  To do this, Toyota’s VSC system takes into consideration many sensors like the Yaw Rate sensor, steering angle sensor, ABS and traction control sensors.  When the VSC system takes control it activates stability correction to put the vehicle back into “Stable operation”.   This is how the Toyota is able to reduce the number of accidents using this VSC.

Here is a list of Toyota vehicles that will most likely have this VSC system.  (not limited to)

Toyota Cars

Avalon, Camry, Celica, Corolla, Matrix, Prius, Solara

Toyota Trucks/Vans/Suv’s

Sequoia, 4 Runner, Highlander, Land Cruiser, Rav4, Sienna, Tacoma, Tundra

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