Recommended resources

Here is a list of resources I recommend.  Knowing where to get the right information is vital to getting the vehicle fixed right the first time.  The first 5 are for do it yourselfers. Some are free to use, some are not.  The last 6 are for Professionals in the field. Great place to purchase Automotive parts and tools for just about any vehicle.   One main reason I recommend Amazon is because they have Amazon prime so a lot of products are free two-day shipping on eligible orders over $35 bucks.  Not to mention they have owners manuals and E books for download as well.  The second reason is that they have a 30-day return policy.  You’d be surprised how many returns Amazon takes back in one day. Very good site that has top experts in each category. If your trying to diagnose an issue yourself or need some specific information on a certain year, make and model vehicle, for a small fee, you can chat with an expert in a specific category. Cheap automotive tools Youtube has a wealth of information! There are literally hours of video being uploaded to youtube every single day. That is why it is the second or third largest web site in the world.

Alldata do it yourself.   Has all of the information as alldatapro, but you can get a subscription for just one specific vehicle (rather than for all of them) for a much cheaper cost.   They offer complete OEM factory service manuals with manufacturer specifications, wiring diagrams, step-by-step procedures, OEM part numbers, technical service bulletins (TSB), factory recalls, component locations, and diagnostic codes

Here are some web sites I recommend if you are an Automotive professional or a shop owner. Some of which have a reoccurring fee each month.  However, they will supply you with loads of information and help your shop become more productive. Has pattern failures posted by techs working in the business with tests put together by L1 master Certified Technicians in the field to help diagnose the problem accurately (which saves you time and money). Last I checked, this was $169 per month. is another site that automotive technicians use across the country.   Although it does not have the diagnostic tests/steps like Identifix, it does offer some very good information and is much cheaper too.   They allow techs to interact with each other and share their knowledge in order to help one another.  I do believe there is even a free basic membership available for technicians as well.   And unlike Identifix, the free membership stays with the technician, (not the shop) if the Automotive Technician or Mechanic happens to change employers. Has a ton of information straight from the factory for all vehicles sold in the US from about 1982 or so all of the way up to the present. It has factory wiring diagrams, component locations, R and R procedures, Manufacture specifications and more. They even have a section for auto body repair too. They offer a few different pricing options here. Pro demand also a great tool to use if you have a shop.  It has loads of automotive repair information, vehicle maintenance, automotive diagnostic data and labor estimating which is great for pricing jobs and giving estimates to your customers. I believe this web site design has recently been updated and or is relatively new so it is very user-friendly.  They also have a dedication section for trucks which is nice if you work on diesel engines or big trucks.  I believe this web site is free to use. You just need to make an account with them. It’s great for looking up specific part information (prices, part numbers) on Ford, GM and Chrysler vehicles as they use factory diagrams which makes it easy to locate hard to find parts.  OEM service information for independent shop owners and technicians.  It ensures that automotive service professionals employed outside the OEMs franchise system have the information, training, and tools needed to properly diagnose and repair today’s high tech vehicles.  Not only they have a list of all O.E.M. Web sites, but they have put together a list of O.E.M subscription prices (web site access charge) needed for updating or reflashing modules using the J-2534 reflashing tool.