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It can be frustrating not knowing what is wrong with your vehicle.  Replacing part after part and the problem still is not resolved.  Sometimes you don’t know if your mechanic is being dishonest with you or if he just does not know what he is doing.  Sometimes you may just want a second opinion.  We have just the solution and have had great success using it.  For a small one time fee, you can talk with an online auto mechanic to get your questions answered right away.  It works great and in most cases, you get an answer very fast.  If this sounds like something you want to try out, please continue reading.    Oh, and no worries about the company.  You can be sure that Just Answer is not a scam.  They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and all of the Experts are hand picked and go through a third party verification process to ensure that their credentials are legit and up to date.  This is all to be sure that all customers get an accurate high quality answer specific to their question.

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We have partnered with Just answer so that you can now ask your car or truck question directly from this page.  Just enter your question in the box below (or on the right) and add as much detail as possible and your question will be directed to one of their specialists specific to your make and model vehicle.  You will then be directed to their web site and you will receive an email once you get an answer (Usually within minutes).   Typically, the higher the question value, the quicker the question gets picked up by an Expert.  Remember, these are real live Professionals you are dealing with so please be patient with them as they are helping you with your question.  Don’t forget to include the year make and model of your vehicle.

Why it is a good idea?

First it can save you a ton of money by avoiding costly repair bills by your local dealership.  Many times there are very quick fixes for certain things depending on the problem you are having.  There would be no need to bring your vehicle into a shop and pay them 90 bucks an hour to diagnose something simple when you can do it from home using a few basic tools.

Second reason is because a lot of problems on cars are talked about and covered under a Technical Service Bulletin (or TSB).  If a Technician has come across a problem once, it is likely that they will come across the same problem on the same vehicle.  This is when a TSB comes in handy.  A Technical Service Bulletin is an instruction issued by manufacturer, about a specific repair issue on a particular year, make ad model vehicle. Think of it as a midpoint between a normal repair attempt and a Recall.  If enough people complain about the same problem with their vehicles, the manufacturer may issue a Technical Service Bulletin.  These are important because they contain research by the manufacturer’s engineers about how to diagnose and eliminate that specific problem that the customer is experiencing.  The verified Experts on Just Answer have access to all of these Technicians Service Bulletins for each year make and model vehicle.   In addition, they can let you know if there has been any recalls on your vehicle that may or may not be related to your concern.  Recalls are fixed for free at the dealership so there is no cost to the vehicle owner when the vehicle comes in to get fixed for the recall.  If you would like to access the TSB directly without speaking to a mechanic, click here to sign up with alldata.   They will have a complete list of TSB’s and Recalls on your vehicle.

Another good idea is that sometimes you may just want a second opinion.  Anywhere from what could be wrong with your vehicle to a price quote.  All of the online auto mechanics on Just Answer have all been verified and have years of shop experience so you know you are getting a professional answer.

Benefits of an Online Auto Mechanic

Like I mentioned before, time and money savings can be big when you talk the right Expert.  Another thing that I would recommend is to bookmark your Expert or Professionals profile page so that if you need to reach out again to that same expert or professional you have their profile page stored either in your bookmarks on line or in your bookmarks in your browser.

Type of questions

Here are some of the questions that Just Answer online auto mechanics or auto repair help technicians see on a daily bases are as follows.

Check engine light, engine running performance issues, cylinder misfires, fuel pressure, fuel pump driver module fault, Mass air flow sensor, low power, rough or unstable idle, stalling problems, battery problems, start issues, no start conditions, crank no start or no crank conditions, repair procedures, wiring diagrams, noises, evaporative emissions problems, vehicle failed emissions, coolant leaks, oil leaks, ECM or PCM problems, electrical issues, AC problems, overheating conditions and more.


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