Honda Accord Main Relay location

Honda Accord Main Relay

The Honda Accord Main Relay can cause you major head aches when it goes bad.  It can leave you high and dry at the most inconvenient time or place.  Not only have I seen go bad myself on numerous occasions, but I hear about this a lot on other Honda vehicles!  This Programmed Fuel Injection main Relay or PGM-FI Main Relay actually contains two individual relays.  When it goes bad, one of the main solder joints inside the relay gets old and deteriorates and prevents contact which will not allow power to travel through the Main Relay out to vital components under the hood which will prevent your Honda Accord from starting.

When bad, the Programmed Fuel Injection main Relay or PGM-FI Main Relay usually causes an intermittent “crank no start” when warm.  For example, your Honda Accord starts great in the morning, drive around town, stop a the grocery store or the gas station and the vehicle no longer starts up after a hot soak.  When this happens, the engine will crank over because the starting circuit is still good, but the Idle Air Control Valve, Fuel Injectors and Fuel Pump will not have battery voltage because of this bad Main Relay.  This will obviously prevent your Engine from getting fuel in your Honda Accord and will result in your no start condition.

Main relay location

On most Honda Accords, the Main Relay is located on the dash on the drivers hand side usually to the left of the steering column.  (Some are located to the right of the column).  This Main relay is very easy to replace yourself.  It is usually clipped in and or held in place by one or two screws 10 mm screws or nuts.