GM VATS, Passkey and Passlock

How To Bypass VATS PassKEY and Passlock Systems in GM vehicles

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen this on GM vehicles.  The security system goes out or stops working and leaves you stranded.  It is very frustrating and you cannot afford a big repair bill to get your vehicle back up and going.  It can be VATS, Passkey or Passlock anti theft system that is going bad causing your issue.
I am going to share a secrete with you on how you can bypass these systems with very little effort.  This is a really unique security system bypass kit that you can use to override your current factory theft system on your GM vehicle.  You can get this kit from New  I came across this site surfing the net when I was having a similar issue on a GM vehicle.  This GM security Bypass kit will work for several GM, Oldsmobile, Chevy, Pontiac or even Buick vehicles on the street today.  I was surprised to see how easy it was to install with very little effort.  I recommend this bypass kit to anyone having factory security issues on any one of the following vehicles (see list below).

If you don’t want to bypass the factory security system but rather fix it the right way, click here to speak with a mechanic.

Here is a list of GM vehicles that have VATS, Passkey or Passlock security system built in from the factory.


1998-2006     S10/T10/Sonoma
1998-2007     Suburban/Avalanche
1998-2010     Sierra/Silverado
2004-2010     Colorado/Canyon
2002-2008     Trailblazer
2003-2006     SSR
1998-2007     C1500/C2500/C3500
1998-2007     K1500/K2500/K3500
2003-2007     Hummer H2

1998-2000     Hombre
2004-2006     I280/I350
2006-2008     I290/I370


2003-2007     Ascender

1994-2003     Grand Prix
1998-1999     Montana
2006-2009     Torrent
2007-2010     G5
2005-2010     G6
2007-2010     Solstice
1996-2005     Grand AM
1994-1998     Trans Sports
1988-1999     Bonneville
1988-2002     Firebird
1995-2005     Sunfire
1988-2002     Trans Am

2004-2007     Rainier
1994-1996     Century
1993-1996     Regal
1982-1999     LeSabre
2006-2010     Lucerne
1991-1996     Park Avenue / Ultra
1994-1996     Roadmaster
1991-1996     Roadmaster Estate Wagon
1982-1999     Riviera
1988-1991     Reatta
1996-1998     Skylark
1982-1990     Electra (all models)

1996-1998     Achieva
1999-2004     Alero
1994-1999     Aurora
1998-2004     Bravada
1991-1993     Delta 88
1991-1999     Eighty-Eight (all variants)
1991-1996     Nighty-Eight
1998-2002     Intrigue
1990-1992     Toronado
1994-1997     Cutlass Supreme
1997-1999     Cutlass
1997-1999     LSS/Regency
1997-1999     Silhouette
1991-1996     Custom Cruiser

1998-2005     Astro/Safari
1998-2008     Envoy
2005-2009     Equinox
2005-2010     Cobalt
1998-2007     Savana/Express
1995-2005     Monte Carlo
1997-1999     Venture
1995-2001     Lumina
1988-2002     Camaro
1995-2005     Cavalier
1982-1993     Corvette
1994-1996     Caprice/Caprice Wagon
1995-1996     Impala SS
2000-2005     Impala
1997-2010     Malibu Classic
1997-2010     Malibu

1986-1993     Allante
1982-1996     Fleetwood
1985-1996     Fleetwood Brougham
1988-1995     Seville
1992-1995     SLS/STS
1985-1995     Deville
1994-1995     Deville Concours
1988-1995     ElDorado
1994-1995     ElDorado Touring
1999-2007     Escalade

2000     LS/LS1/LS2/LW1/LW2
2001-2002     L100/LW100
2001-2003     L200/LW200
2001-2005     L300/LW300
2004-2005     L-Series
2002-2008     VUE
1996-2002     SL/SL1/SL2
1996-2002     SC1/SC2
1996-2002     SW1/SW2
2007-2009     Aura
2003-2007     Ion
2007-2009     Sky