GM VATS, Passkey and Passlock

How To Bypass VATS PassKEY and Passlock Systems in GM vehicles

I cant tell you how many times I have seen this on GM vehicles.  The security system goes south and leaves you stranded.  It is very frustrating and you cannot afford a big repair bill to get your vehicle back up and going.  It can be VATS, Passkey or Passlock anti theft system that is going bad causing your issue.

I am going to share a secrete with you on how you can bypass these systems with very little effort.  This is a really unique security system bypass kit that you can use to override your current factory theft system on your GM vehicle.  You can get this kit from New  I came across this site surfing the net when I was having a similar issue on a GM vehicle.  This GM security Bypass kit will work for several GM, Oldsmobile, Chevy, Pontiac or even Buick vehicles on the street today.  I was surprised to see how easy it was to install with very little effort.  Most of all, I was very excited to see it work!  Since my first installation, I have installed many on several GM vehicles.  I now recommend this bypass kit to anyone having factory security issues on any one of the following vehicles.  Here is a list of GM vehicles that have VATS, Passkey or Passlock system built in from the factory.


1998-2006     S10/T10/Sonoma
1998-2007     Suburban/Avalanche
1998-2010     Sierra/Silverado
2004-2010     Colorado/Canyon
2002-2008     Trailblazer
2003-2006     SSR
1998-2007     C1500/C2500/C3500
1998-2007     K1500/K2500/K3500
2003-2007     Hummer H2

1998-2000     Hombre
2004-2006     I280/I350
2006-2008     I290/I370


2003-2007     Ascender

1994-2003     Grand Prix
1998-1999     Montana
2006-2009     Torrent
2007-2010     G5
2005-2010     G6
2007-2010     Solstice
1996-2005     Grand AM
1994-1998     Trans Sports
1988-1999     Bonneville
1988-2002     Firebird
1995-2005     Sunfire
1988-2002     Trans Am

2004-2007     Rainier
1994-1996     Century
1993-1996     Regal
1982-1999     LeSabre
2006-2010     Lucerne
1991-1996     Park Avenue / Ultra
1994-1996     Roadmaster
1991-1996     Roadmaster Estate Wagon
1982-1999     Riviera
1988-1991     Reatta
1996-1998     Skylark
1982-1990     Electra (all models)

1996-1998     Achieva
1999-2004     Alero
1994-1999     Aurora
1998-2004     Bravada
1991-1993     Delta 88
1991-1999     Eighty-Eight (all variants)
1991-1996     Nighty-Eight
1998-2002     Intrigue
1990-1992     Toronado
1994-1997     Cutlass Supreme
1997-1999     Cutlass
1997-1999     LSS/Regency
1997-1999     Silhouette
1991-1996     Custom Cruiser

1998-2005     Astro/Safari
1998-2008     Envoy
2005-2009     Equinox
2005-2010     Cobalt
1998-2007     Savana/Express
1995-2005     Monte Carlo
1997-1999     Venture
1995-2001     Lumina
1988-2002     Camaro
1995-2005     Cavalier
1982-1993     Corvette
1994-1996     Caprice/Caprice Wagon
1995-1996     Impala SS
2000-2005     Impala
1997-2010     Malibu Classic
1997-2010     Malibu

1986-1993     Allante
1982-1996     Fleetwood
1985-1996     Fleetwood Brougham
1988-1995     Seville
1992-1995     SLS/STS
1985-1995     Deville
1994-1995     Deville Concours
1988-1995     ElDorado
1994-1995     ElDorado Touring
1999-2007     Escalade

2000     LS/LS1/LS2/LW1/LW2
2001-2002     L100/LW100
2001-2003     L200/LW200
2001-2005     L300/LW300
2004-2005     L-Series
2002-2008     VUE
1996-2002     SL/SL1/SL2
1996-2002     SC1/SC2
1996-2002     SW1/SW2
2007-2009     Aura
2003-2007     Ion
2007-2009     Sky